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Reopening after lockdown

The Session and Committee of Carryduff FPC are keen to see their church building reopened and regular services resumed after fifteen weeks of lockdown. Therefore, we are delighted to announce that Sabbath day services will be recommencing on the 12th July.

However, as we reopen, we must endeavour to take a cautious and considered approach to reduce the risk of the spread of Covid 19 for everyone involved. The following guidelines will be in place until it is safe to relinquish them. Please know that these safeguards are for the benefit of all our people. We therefore request your compliance in these matters. We greatly value your help and co-operation and trust you will be understanding in these difficult circumstances.

Guidelines for Re-Opening the Church building:

  1. The Mid-week Prayer Meeting & Bible Study will resume in the minor hall on Wednesday evening the 8th July at 8pm and will continue each week afterwards, unless we are instructed otherwise. Any singing will be via the TV screen
  2. Social distancing will be observed at all times with hand sanitisation and regular cleaning being practised to minimise the risk of cross-contamination on seats, door handles, etc.
  3. The regular seasons of prayer will recommence in the minor hall before each of the Lord’s Day services at 11.00am and 6.30pm with social distancing being observed
  4. The Lord’s Day services will recommence on the 12th July 2020 at 11.30am and 7pm ( DV.) (The church will be cleaned between these services). Social distancing must be observed at all times at a minimum of 1-2 metres
  5. Only those from the same household may sit together at this time until further notice. A church seating planner will be posted at the main doors for a few weeks and families and individuals will be encouraged to observe these arrangements for their own protection and peace of mind
  6. Every other pew between families will be roped off until further notice
  7. Congregational singing will also resume in a limited capacity until we are satisfied it is safe to return to our regular four hymn style of worship
  8. Toilets facilities are only to be used if absolutely essential
  9. There will be no observing of the Lord’s Supper or baptismal services during the Summer months and or until we are convinced that it is safe to resume
  10. The Luther Hall will be used for anyone that feels anxious about stepping back into a larger social group, and for any visitors, once we have reached our maximum seating capacity in the main sanctuary. The service will be relayed via video camera with hymn words displayed on the TV screen
  11. The elderly, vulnerable or those with under-lying health conditions are advised not to attend until they feel it is safe to do so. No one must feel pressured into returning to church after the prolonged, imposed lockdown
  12. All individuals entering the building will be encouraged to use the hand sanitation provided or bring their own
  13. Any individual that is feeling unwell, or displaying any flu-like symptoms should voluntarily refrain from public worship until they are feeling better 
  14. If anyone in a family group is diagnosed with Covid 19, it is the duty and responsibility of that individual to notify the minister or a member of session immediately and self isolate for a period of up to two weeks, along with the rest of their immediate family circle
  15. Tea will not be served after any of the Lord’s day services for everyone until we are sure that it is safe to do so. For this, we sincerely apologise in advance of reopening, as everyone in Carryduff FPC including the many visitors, enjoyed the lovely suppers
  16. The main doors of the church will be opened on your arrival to minimise the risk of any contamination via doors handles etc.
  17. Everyone should leave the church building in a safe and orderly manner respecting the social distancing rule of 1-2 metres
  18. There will be signage at the entrance doors, on the notice boards, and in the toilets for all attendees to adhere to
  19. Hand shaking and hugging will be dispensed with until we believe that it is safe to resume. 
  20. The Kitchen will be out of bounds to all but those designated to be in that location.

These guidelines are in place to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Yours in the Master’s service