We would like to extend to you and your family a sincere invitation to come and join with us in our services.

Lord’s Day
10:15am Sabbath School and Bible Classes
11:30am Morning Worship Service
7:00pm Evening Gospel Service

7:00pm Children’s Meeting
8:00pm Bible Study and Prayer Meeting

8:00pm Youth Fellowship
9:00pm til late – Men’s Late Night Prayer Meeting

Our Congregation

The people who attend Carryduff FPC are among the most happy, friendly, faithful, loyal and eager that are to be found in the country. They love to sing from the Psalter as well as the old hymns of praise and Gospel witness.

They delight to listen to the constant proclamation of the Gospel of God and his Virgin born Son, Jesus Christ. They are ready to make welcome the visitors to our services and endeavour to make them feel at home. They are a people faithful to the teaching of the Word of God. They are eager to relate to others the blessings which they have received, and to make known the giver of all such blessing the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Denomination

The Free Presbyterian Church (FPC) is a group of Bible-believing Protestants whose Presbyterian roots go back to the great Reformation of the 16th century. Our motto is that of the reformers: “The Scriptures Only.” Believing the Bible to be the verbally inspired and infallible Word of God, we hold it to be the final authority for all our belief and practice. We acknowledge the Bible’s revelation of God as One who is absolutely sovereign, preaching that “salvation is of the Lord” (Jonah 2:9). As Presbyterians, we adhere to the exposition of Scripture doctrine that is set forth in the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Articles of Faith of the Free Presbyterian Church We are part of a growing Presbyterian denomination that is serving the Lord with more than 100 churches and extension works in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Australia, Spain, Germany, Canada, and the United States.