The Devil’s Compromises: Life and Hope Mission

Last night’s midweek meeting was a blessed night and it was great to see so many gathered to hear the preaching of God’s Word. Rev. Fred Greenfield sang with Rev. Thomas Martin preaching from God’s Word on the Compromises of the Devil.

Click here for the MP3 audio link.

The Sermon tonight was from Exodus 3:18 – 5:3

1. Beware Compromising the Place God has Chosen

Moses mentioned the wilderness while pharaoh said the land see 8:25
The only place where God will meet with and save sinners is the cross
not the wood but the work
(ill) Glasgow Cross. Children lost. Policeman if I get you to the glasgow cross then you will find your way home.
(ill) Revellers ask the policeman can you tell u how to get to the gates of Hell?
You bypass Calvary Baptist
Central theme of both the old and new testaments

2. Beware Compromising the Path God Has Chosen

Exodus 8:28
Pharaoh said don’t go very far while God said 3 days journey. There was not even to be i foot left in Egypt. Egypt a type of the world. No half measures with God or bargaining. It is not enough to be religious , go to church, read your bible, pray attend the mission etc.
You have to go all the way start at the cross. True repentance. Must leave Egypt behind. See hymn 222 God is able and willing to save.

3. Beware Compromising the posterity God has Chosen.

Look up Exodus 10:8-10. Pharaoh said leave the children behind. The desert will kill them. Its hot full of deadly creatures etc. we cant leave our children in the lap of the Devil. How can we go to meet God without them.Think of Timothy 2 Timothy 3:15. What do we want best for our children? The worlds teaching/Philosophy or the teaching of the word of God.

4. Beware Compromising the Provision God has chosen

Exodus 10: 24-26
Leave your flocks and herds with me. There is no grass or water. Nothing to sacrifice. A way without the blood sacrifice. No ground to approach God without the Blood. Entire people would be consumed. We can meet the Lord on the Ground of the blood.

Recordings of the Mission will be available to order from William Smith, Treasurer. Please email recordings at carrydufffpc dot org if you are interested in receiving a copy.