Free abortion decision

The Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster views with great concern, the Government’s decision, to provide ‘free abortions in England’, for women from Northern Ireland. The government in seeking to bring in this change, shows a blatant disregard for our parliamentary democracy, panders to a left wing agenda, and is an unethical attempt to stifle debate.

This unsolicited intervention will have serious consequences upon the physical, emotional and spiritual well being, of an increasing number of extremely vulnerable individuals.

As a Church, believing in the sanctity of life, we accept that life is a precious gift, and that men and women are trusted with the custodianship of that life, in order to protect and to preserve it.

In seeking to fulfil this solemn obligation, we are strongly opposed to all forms of abortion on demand. This action by the minority Government is not, “a landmark moment”, as the British Pregnancy Advisory Service alleges, but is in actual fact, a decision that has the potential to undermine our current abortion laws, which could lead to Northern Ireland introducing a more liberal policy like the rest of the UK, where over 8 million abortions have taken place since 1967. Yesterdays court judgement that, ‘NI abortion laws did not infringe on human rights’ stands in stark contrast to this decision.

In recent times we have stood with the people of this nation as we have witnessed the devastating lost of life in Manchester, London and at the Grenfell Tower block. In the aftermath of such tragedies, thousands of men and women expressed their righteous indignation at the lost of the children, the youth and the elderly, in such horrific circumstances. If something could have been done to avoid this widespread loss of life, it would have been speedily implemented. But in the case of abortion, it is within the remit and responsibility of the Government to protect the physical life of the child within the mother’s womb.

We are appealing to our Government to consider the impact that their decision will have upon a future generation and urge them on the Authority of God’s precious Word, to immediately reverse their decision.

Exodus chapter 20 verse 13. “THOU SHALT NOT KILL”.

Yours In Christ


David McLaughlin (Rev)
Minister of Carryduff Congregation & Secretary of the Free Presbyterian Church Government & Morals Committee

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