Protest against abortion at Belfast City Hall

On Saturday 25th March, we gathered at Belfast City Hall, under the auspices of the government and Morals Committee of the General Presbytery of the Free Presbyterian church of Ulster, to protest against the imposition of abortion services in Northern Ireland.

The government ignored their own public consultation, where 79% of respondents were against the introduction of abortion services, and introduced abortion services against the will of the people of Northern Ireland. Since the services have been introduced on 31st March 2022, over 4,500 unborn babies have been cruelly murdered.

As a Church, believing in the sanctity of life, we accept that life is a precious gift, and that men and women are trusted with the custodianship of that life, in order to protect and to preserve it.

We are appealing to our Government to consider the impact that their decision will have upon a future generation and urge them on the Authority of God’s precious Word, to immediately reverse their decision.Exodus chapter 20 verse 13. “THOU SHALT NOT KILL”.

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