Ukraine Aid Appeal

2nd April 2022
In partnership with Donald Fleming and the Faith in Action Missions, our Ballymoney congregation have converted some of their Sunday School rooms to house 34 Ukrainian Christians that have been displaced by the current conflict.

To aid in their welfare, Carryduff FPC is appealing for assistance in offering the following items or money in lieu of such:

Cereals, porridge, Weetabix, pasta, rice, buckwheat, flour, spaghetti, tinned sardines, tuna, other tinned fish, potatoes, salt, sugar, pepper, cooking oil, pickled gherkins and other pickled veg, onions, teabags, coffee, juice, cheese.

If you can help in this way, please text or phone 07857-474-320

If you would prefer to give financially, our online giving is still active, and you can aid these needy people using the link below.

6th March 2022
The Crisis in Ukraine has touched all of our hearts as we have watched the invasion and war scenes and heard reports of the many Christians in the cities and towns across the country who stay to witness to the people. It is estimated that around a million refugees have fled the conflict and have made their way to neighbouring countries of Poland, Romania etc., and that number is rising.

The Mission Board have determined that the best way to support these people in crisis is to work through partner agencies who have workers and connections on the ground in Ukraine and the neighbouring countries. They are:-

• Slavic Gospel Association –
• Faith in Action Missions –
• Betania Baptist Church, Timisoara, Romania –

The advice which we have received is that the quickest way to support this work is to provide direct funding to the people on the ground who have good access to purchase the supplies that are needed to support those in great need.

We will pass on all of the funds that we receive to these three partners, so you can be sure that your support is going directly to those on the ground at this time.

Therefore, we issue this appeal to seek your financial support for these people in great need.

Please click on the Give button above to make a donation online, mark the gift for Ukraine, or contact the FPC Mission Board office for bank transfer details.

Thank you again for your support and please pray that the Lord will intervene, and that men, women and young people will be rescued from immediate danger and that the workers there will have the opportunity to spread the Gospel in the midst of this crisis.

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