Know thou the God of thy father, and serve him with a perfect heart and with a willing mind

Pause. For reflection

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Thought for the month: January 2015

The word SELAH is used 75 times in the Bible. It is first used in 2 Kings 14:7 There was a place known as Reflection or Contemplation in the Bible. Amaziah , “took Selah by war” and changed its name to Joktheel.

  1. The Meaning of Selah: Literally means Stop and Think about that, Pause for Reflection. Cease from your activity and start to ponder and contemplate the truths of God.
  2. The Message of Selah: What is involved in Pausing for Reflection? Five things.
    1. S=Silence before God: Zech. 2:13. This is a blessing. A wonderful opportunity to ponder who and what God is in his Person, Power, Purity, Purpose, Precepts and Promises. CHS wrote of the joy of solitude before God.
    2. E=Evaluation Before God. Once our mouths are shut in the presence of Almighty God we begin to ‘consider our ways’ Haggai 1:5. Individually and congregationally we should ask ourselves, where are we going in 2015 and how will we get there? What do we want to see accomplished in 2015? What areas did we go wrong in regarding our sins and shortcomings and how can improve?
    3. L=Listening before God. Isaiah 49:1 Listen to me! When last did we get a word from God? Good impressions can’t be trusted, nor is conscience a complete and reliable guide. We should all be Bible Book worms, letting God speak to our souls out of his infallible and inerrant Truth.
    4. A=Acknowledging before God. See Hosea 5:15, ” till they acknowledge their offence”. We need to acknowledge before God where we are truly at spiritually and what we need? Where we have failed Him and ways we can strive to improve?
    5. H=Hallelujahs before God. The word hallelujah is not found in the Scriptures. It literally means ‘praise’ the Lord which is used 261 times in the Bible. Surely we have much to praise the Lord for. Think of the Hymn ” count your blessings”and say, “Hitherto hath the Lord Helped us”
  3. The Mandate of Selah: The word is usually in the form of a command.Gods people as well as every creature are to do exactly as God Commands.The Big question we all face in 2015 is this, Will we pause for reflection every day of this New Year before the Lord?