Holiday Bible Club | Day 3 – ‘The Little Maid’

We’re at the halfway point of our Holiday Bible Club 😱 The story for day 3 is ‘The Little Maid’ 👧


We’re getting a lot of crafts and worksheets sent to us this week – you are all doing a great job!

But to make sure we don’t miss anyone and to try and make it a little easier for us, we’d ask if you could try to do the following where possible:

1. Send the pictures to us on Facebook Messenger, rather than in the comments section. There should be a button below you can click to send us a message.
2. When you send the pictures, also send the child’s first name, and town/area so that we can identify their work more easily!
3. Try to get the entries all in before 8pm – it means we can get albums and prize videos ready in good time before the next day.
4. If you are comfortable with it, take a picture of your child holding their craft/worksheet so they can see themselves when we upload the album later today!

Thank you all for participating in the Bible Club this week, and for helping us by following these tips 😀

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