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  • Church Membership – A summary of the requirements of Church membership on the believer
  • The Westminster Confession of Faith (1646)
  • Westminster Confession – The Shorter Catechism
  • Westminster Confession – The Larger Catechism
  • A new beginningA New Beginning – There are no more universal and urgent problems than guilt, doubt, and temptation. How may I have my sins forgiven and my guilt removed? How may I be sure that I possess eternal life and that i am not deluding myself? How may I enjoy the Christian life and live above constant failure and frustration? These are questions this little book answers from the Word of God. Lavishly illustrated with full-colour photographs that complement the text, here is a book for inquirers into the nature of the Christian message of salvation and for Christians desiring to gain a grasp of the first principles of the gospel.
  • Separated Unto The GospelSeparated Unto The Gospel – The following pages are a response to frequent requests from people interested in the Free Presbyterian Church for a concise description of our ministry and message. We have sought to present the material positively and briefly, and yet with sufficient detail to give a real insight into our stand on matters of doctrinal and practical importance. If this method of presentation raises further questions in your mind, or if you need fuller clarification of some of our statements, we invite your sincere inquiry. The minister of your local Free Presbyterian Church would welcome an opportunity to discuss such matters with you. Thank you for your interest in our ministry. We trust the reading of this little booklet will bring blessing to you and honor to our triune God.
  • Election and ReprobationElection and Reprobation – An exposition of I Peter 2:8-9 to edify saints and evangelize sinners. This is not meant to be a theological lecture. It is based on a recorded sermon which was preached extemporaneously, one of a series of studies in 1 Peter, and therefore it lacks much of the careful composition of an essay. I have maintained the sermon style rather than reproducing it as a lecture, because I feel it is important to show that such doctrinal exposition is very definitely a part of the gospel ministry. The sermon is released with the prayer that the Lord, who blessed it with fruit when it was delivered, will use it in its printed form to dispel much misconception and bring many souls to the knowledge of His Son.
  • Mother Teresa DiesMother Teresa Dies – On Friday, September 5, 1997, Mother Teresa died after a long life of dedication working among the needy. She has been praised for her work, and rightly so, but many seem to think that she went to heaven because of her good works. That makes me wonder, what are we all trusting in to get to heaven?
  • The Papacy – The Papacy, next to Christianity, is the great FACT of the modern world. Of the two, the former, unhappily, has proved in some respects the more powerful spring in human affairs, and has acted the more public part on the stage of the world. The PapacyFully to trace the rise and development of this stupendous system, were to write a history of Western Europe.The decay of empires,–the extinction of religious systems,–the dissolution and renewal of society,–the rise of new States,–the change of manners, customs, and laws,–the policy of courts,–the wars of kings,–the decay and revival of letters, of philosophy and of arts,–all connect themselves with the history of the Papacy, to whose growth they ministered, and whose destiny they helped to unfold. On so wide a field of investigation neither our time nor our limits permit us to enter. Let it suffice that we indicate, in general terms, the main causes that contributed to the rise of this tremendous Power, and the successive stages that marked the course of its portentous development.
  • Billy Graham - The FactsBilly Graham – The Facts – Just one of the startling facts in this pamphlet: In an interview given to McCall’s Magazine Graham said, ‘I used to believe that pagans in far off countries were lost going to hell if they did not have the Gospel of Jesus Christ preached to them. I no longer believe that. I believe that there are other ways of recognizing God through nature for instance and plenty of other ways of saying ‘yes’ to God’. Read this article to learn the real facts about Billy Graham and what the Scripture has to say about his “ministry”.
  • Billy Graham and His BibleBilly Graham and His Bible – Dr. Billy Graham constantly appeals to the Bible as the authority for his teaching. “The Bible says” is one of his most used expressions. It is good to make our appeal to Scripture, for it alone can be our final authority (Isaiah 8:20). But it must be more than empty words. There must be a full submission to what the Bible says. In the case of Billy Graham the question is: Does the Bible support the statements and actions of Dr. Graham? We must weigh Dr. Graham’s words against the Bible — with startling results.
  • Jesus Christ SuperstarJesus Christ Superstar – Jesus Christ Superstar is a rock opera about the last seven days of the life of Christ before His crucifixion. Critics have given it rave reviews. Even some churches have sung its praises. Some have even hailed it as a means of presenting Christ to young people in a way they will understand and accept. The fact is that Jesus Christ Superstar is a conscious blasphemy against Christ.
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